Beyond Massage Aspen

NeuroKinetic Therapy for Strains, Sprains, and Adhesions

Course Description

This is a two-day course that will focus on NeuroKinetic manual strategies of myofascial therapy. The course will focus on orthopedic and fascial anatomy assessment along with massage therapy and bodywork techniques that fit appropriate strategies of care. This course will allow the attendee to incorporate current manual therapy skills with new strategies of care supported by additional understanding of kinesiology and fascial anatomy.


After completing this course participants will be able to: Perform appropriate assessment utilizing special myofascial tests.

  1. Determine, based on their assessment and clinical impression, proper soft tissue therapy management including immediate care, long term treatment, and/or referral.
  2. Understand other health care techniques for management of myofascial dysfunction.
  3. Utilize the latest manual therapy and soft tissue techniques for non-surgical challenges and contribute to the restoration of proper biomechanical function and reduction / elimination of pain.
  4. Utilize specific myofascial stretching techniques to enhance extensibility and function of skeletal.


This course will focus on functional hands-on applications that can be incorporated immediately into a massage or bodywork session. The format will include lecture, demonstration, and practice with question—answer periods to ensure understanding and facilitation of information presented. There will be generous periods of learning-by-doing. All categories of soft tissue conditions will be covered, i.e. strains, sprains, and adhesions.

Target Audience

This course is designed for the massage therapist, and other professionals who possess fundamental massage therapy skills who are interested in predictable outcomes.