Beyond Massage Aspen

Thai on the Table

Instructor: Erica Boulangee

December 2-3, 2017

Thai Massage is a beautiful fusion of yoga-like stretching, rhythmic massage, compression and acupressure points traditionally performed on cotton mats on the floor. This course brings its fluid-like work adapted for the massage table. Using the table instead of the mat increases the versatility of this unique therapy.  Students return home with a wide selection of Thai-on-the-Table techniques, which can be incorporated into an existing bodywork practice, or offered as an alternate modality.

Thai Massage is becoming increasingly popular in the west. It is beneficial for those who find themselves stiff, sore, and tired from over-exertion in work or sports. Thai on the Table is a great way to introduce clients to the exotic stretches and further their curiosity to receiving the work in its complete form, on the floor.

Therapists will reduce injuries to hands and wrists by learning to use their forearms, elbows, knees and feet and other parts of the body. Ultimately giving your body a variety of tools to work with.

There is no experience necessary for this fun interactive course. Thai massage is 1st a folk-art meant for “everyday people” who wish to learn healing skills to nurture there loved ones. Bodyworkers, massage therapists, yogis, chiropractors, personal trainers and physical therapists all benefit from this training.






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Erica’s Thai Massage Seminar is by far the best seminar I have ever attended. She presented the essentials of Thai Massage and 5-Element Theory in away that was both educational and transformational. Immersed in the beauty of the Maroon Bells and nurtured by nutritious delicious meals. Erica and her staff opened our minds and spirits with yoga and Thai Massage. Thank you Erica for a truly magic learning experience.

Dr. Rubel, Aspen Chiropractic and Holistic Health

Get ready for bliss beyond belief, this workshop provided a quality education designed for deep integration of knowledge and skill. We received incredible bodywork day in and day out finely articulated with correct technique supported by Erica and her staff. The classroom venue at the T Lazy 7 ranch will recharge your brain and reset your spirit.

Autumn Miller, Owner Autumn in Aspen-Nature Spa

Erica is an incredible instructor with an obvious passion for teaching what she loves and believes in. I felt at ease the moment I walked in. It was a very comfortable environment to learn in. The course seemed easy to follow and had a natural flow. I would highly recommend this course.

Becky McIntyre, Carbondale, CO

A wonderful physical & spiritual environment in which to learn, share, care, engage, receive and trust in. The food was so healthy, fresh and delicious.

Annabel Golden, Aspen, CO

I feel as though Erica has reconnected me with a piece of myself of my heart and especially my sense of touch. What a beautiful way to heal and connect to others and what a gift of knowledge and beyond-Thank you.

Besha Lu Deane, Aspen, CO

I can’t believe how much I learned, you are intuitive, present and pass on your knowledge with great articulation. Thank you

Laura Gorka, Woody Creek, CO


Victor Madrigal, Aspen, CO

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the most amazing workshop I have ever taken!

Christine Morris, Snowmass, CO