Therapist: Erica Boulangee

This is the Ultimate Relaxation Massage – Be immersed in the slowest vibration of any element on earth, heated to the perfect temperature of a mother’s embrace. Soothing firm pressure is applied from head to toe for maximum relaxation and relief of chronic pain. By raising the body temperature 1 degree over an hour, 10’s of 1000’s of White Blood Cells are produced making this a detoxifying treatment. Alternating Hot & Cold Stones to an area increases the blood flow by 100%, Very effective for injury rehab.

Erica uses 50 stones both massaging, laying on tucking under and constantly changing them for a fresh warm stone. Your senses get lost in this relaxing session. One stroke with a heated rock is equivalent to seven strokes of traditional massage; Feel the smooth rocks melt your stress away. This deep heat penetrating massage is so relaxing you just might change the course of your day.