Decadent Desserts

Delicious * Healthy * Nutritious

Instructor: Rachael Codina

This fun and fruity workshop will focus on fabulous creations that are also HEALTHY. These delightful desserts do not contain any wheat, dairy or sugar – but are made from fresh, organic, “living foods”.

You will learn how to use antioxidant rich, energy boosting, SUPERFRUITS – and about the benefits of chocolate in its pure raw form.

The emphasis will be on SIMPLE RECIPES that you can easily re-create for family, friends, and of course, lovers will be greatly impressed too.


  • Raspberry-Coconut Smoothie
  • Cosmic Coconut Pie
  • Heavenly Chocolate Brownies
  • Simple Sorbet
  • Strawberry “Cream” Truffles (Dairy free)
  • Luscious Lemon-Lavender Cake


WARNING: This will be an extremely fun-filled and mouth-watering experience. I look forward to seeing you there


Rachael Codina

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates

Rachael Codina is a qualified Art Therapist, and Kundalini Yoga instructor, and passionately inspired living foods enthusiast. As a practicing artist, Rachel is continually challenging herself to see and portray the world in new, fresh and joyful ways. She has traveled widely around the world and been inspired by wonderful Teachers to selflessly serve others and develop “Satsang”, or community wherever she is.

She has been positively influenced by the teachings of Gabriel Cousens and David Wolfe, who both see a strong connection between personal and planetary health. Rachael has been a vegetarian for 20yrs, and progressively became more vegan and “raw” with experience. She has self-healed her conditions of candida, anemia and chronic fatigue through a conscious approach to nutrition. Rachel has used the combination of art, yoga and a healthy diet to help autistic children, adults with learning difficulties and troubled teens.