Erica Boulangée, L.Ac LMT

Completed her Masters in Science in Oriental Medicine from the Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture, She is an NCBTMB approved provider of continuing education for bodyworkers and has been studying and practicing massage and nature-based medicine since 1996. Her studies have taken her to the Far East and throughout America and range from Native American, Chinese and Thai medicine, western science, therapeutic massage, acupuncture and herbalism. She has co-taught hundreds of students with Paul Pitchford, the author of Healing with Whole Foods, while living in-residence at Heartwood Institute.

Erica teaches classes in Classical Chinese Medicine, Acupressure, Thai Massage, Trigger Point Thai, Myofascial Release and Hot Stone Massage. She is skillful at training students in good body mechanics, identifying meridians by means of touch and Qi awareness. Erica provides a lively and aware learning environment to share, engage and receive in. She is currently in private practice in Aspen, Colorado and is the owner of “Beyond Massage Aspen,” a state and nationally approved school of in Aspen, Colorado.


Erica is thorough, conscientious, graceful, respectful, focussed and clear.

Andrea Morales, Basalt, CO

This Thai Massage Course was full of extra, unexpected teachings. Erica weaves Chinese Medical Theory into our western brains in a way that is meaningful, tangible and inspiring. Each day of study included a pause for breathing, yoga or some form of movement such as Qigong and reflection.

Emily Hightower– Owner Mobile Yogi, Aspen, Colorado

Erica’s ability to modify and adapt her curriculum to her intended audience is a gift. She is able to give students a firm foundation without overwhelming. She is astute in monitoring her student grasp of the material, and teaching to a variety of knowledgeable students with different interest levels within the same classroom. Erica’s students praise her teaching, her wealth of knowledge and her dedication to providing a quality education.

Sue Web, Education Director-Heartwood Institute